About Me

About me

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Qualified and educated professional offering a combination of experience working in Environmental Consultancy, Carbon Advisory, Waster Water Treatment, technical support services, sales, marketing and account management. Successful in establishing and managing new business divestitures and providing the necessary technical and follow-through support required achieving total customer satisfaction. Demonstrates exceptional communication and interpersonal attributes and serves as liaison between technical support and customers. Continues to successfully secure and retain new and existing accounts and increase bottom line profitability.

• Strong executive management background includes strategic planning, team building, alliance building, board-level presentations.

• Top-level marketing experience includes market analysis, client relations, product and market development, product management, global sales channels and marketing communications.

• Expertise in Marketing technology includes Green IT, Renewable Energy(Wind, Biomass, Solar), Enterprise Mobility, RFID, Barcode and wireless, communications, with successful marketing and operations track record in multiple sectors.

• Developed Email Campaigns processes that vastly improved marketing efforts and enabled explosive growth, for both Winfoware Technologies Ltd, Palindrome Softwares, Ahuja Innovative Solutions and Apex Decisions


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